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E-Tourism Platform
and Virtual Repository

The first Project Result is a digital Platform with embedded a virtual repository of cultural heritage (material and immaterial), tourism offer, and tourism-related services in peripheral regions of Europe.

The virtual repository integrated into the platform is an interactive resource of tourism information and offer to browse, allowing users to access a customized listing of information circa cultural heritage offer and tourism services available in specific peripheral regions of Europe by selecting the compatible customer profile among those available in a specific dropdown menu.

Geographic coverage of the repository encompasses the set of lesser-known traditional monuments in a selection of peripheral regions in each partner country (1 region per country).

Augmented Reality
Mainstreaming APP

The second Project Result of RECORD project is an APP compatible with Android and IOs configurations, integrating Augmented Reality features. The APP provides mobile device users with access to all of the interactive functionalities of the virtual repository, enabling users to set their individual profiles of tourism preference in order to access customized, on-demand information circa the offer of material and immaterial cultural heritage, tourism services and services complementary to the tourism experience available in each of the integrated traditional/cultural festivals located in the peripheral regions of Europe focus of project analysis.

Contents in Augmented Reality is integrated in the customized information available on demand for users, providing an interactive and entertaining rendition of tourism related information through the displaying of virtual animations, maps, interactive models of sites and artefacts, virtual tour guiding.

Virtual Professionalism
in cultural Tourism Manual

A Manual for educators in the field of VET was developed as a specific Project Result. The audience of ultimate users of the Manual will be educators and VET institutions providing vocational programmes to prospective professionals in the field of tourism (with a focus on cultural tourism) and/or on-the-job training programmes for employees in tourism businesses.

The Manual allows at the same time translate the understanding of the methodological and practical dimensions inherent in the guidance to trainers/educators in the delivery of vocational programmes into a comprehensive, coherent and structured resource supporting educators and trainers throughout the entirety of the process in its different thematic subdivisions and phases.

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